50UP is a portraiture series exploring males of the age fifty, UP.

Why did you do that Allan?

Ok, well it goes a little something like this;
Before setting off on my world voyage I decided to make a number of photography series, documenting different aspects of society, and well - life. I wanted to make a portraiture series which spanned the globe and kept a general theme but also left a number of variable open.
I decided to shoot males as it was more feasible being male myself. Then I chose an age group which I felt represented a turning point in life. You know - they say after your middle ages begins a change of perspective from 'where will my future take me' to 'where has my past brought me'. I'm not sure if that's true, but it was enough for me to begin my 'research'. Importantly - I also left it up to the subject as to how exactly they want to be captured, as this in itself is a form of expression.

 So what would choosing a demographic and documenting it over countries all around the world show? Perhaps things that we have in common? Things that make us different? Importantly for me I was looking for more than just a photo of a face - I was in search of the story - on what path has this last half-century led these men to where they stand today in front of my lens, as a pose the same question to all:

"Can I take your picture, please?"

BRONIUS. Vilnus, Lithuania.
NARESH. Kerela, India.
PREM. Landruk, Nepal.
LUKA. Tbilisi, Georgia.
ERIK. Mbabane. Swaziland.
DAAN. Amsterdam, Holland.
KAVINDU. Galle, Sri Lanka.
AVAK. Seven, Armenia.
YOSHI. Kyoto, Japan.
PAVEL. Irkutsk, Russia.
OON KEOW. Hsipaw, Myanmar.
MATAS. Vilnius. Lithuania.
RINCHEN. Ladakh, India.
JAMES. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
OZ. Tel Aviv, Israel.
ALBERT. Sarande, Albania.