Lifekollektiv is a chronicle of life, serving up a vegan salad of observations, experiences and meetings from around the globe, through the eyes a British man called Allan Dransfield.

The content is based on recycling material that surrounds us everyday, exploring the spectrum where sound, motion and still meet and twisting it into different disciplines to create artistic works.

Allan collaborates with people he meets on the road.


Hello. I’m Allan. 
This is a picture of me talking on a cellular telephone.

In 2013, after working almost a decade in the automotive design world, I picked up my fannypack and set sail on what would turn out to be an 18month journey around the globe. The body of work and connections made along the way form the foundation of Lifekollektiv. The idea has been brewing for many years, bringing together what keeps me ticking; observing, documenting, meeting, sharing, exploring and creating. I'd like to think of it as a celebration of life opening up windows into different worlds, there to entertain, inspire & connect.

Oh and the moustache - yeh that's a homage to my Great, Great Grandfather (dead) who was pretty much the man. 


Maintaining a multi-disciplinary approach can lead to unexpected ideas. Breaking rules by not knowing rules, traversing the poetic balance between chaos and order - pushing boundaries god damn it.

Collaborating with others is one of the most exciting parts of the creative process, sharing work, ideas, fluids, challenging each other and exploring new creative channels. It's like having a food fight with some ideas - throwing from one mind onto another's plate, shove it in the oven and bake at 2000°. Yeh. Tasty.

The archive of collaborators creates a catalogue of new talent and experimental works from around the globe, allowing us to explore new territories without the compromise of commercial boundaries. 


Born from Lifekollektiv collaborators, SO_KE is a creative studio of international humaniods;
Thinkers, designers & artists turning bad ass ideas into reality
- we will make your wildest dreams come true -

Based in Lódz, Poland