Spring arrived here in my hometown of Lodz, Poland and with it the final flutters of snow departed.
I prayed there would be another snowfall so I could experiment with some instillation ideas which had been fluttering around in my head for weeks. Sure enough two days later it arrived. I spent the next 2 sunrises & sunsets in -11°C with frozen sausages fingers fumbling around trying to stick aluminium foil to a rusty bin and get some time lapseseseses. Sounds come from the Flea market up the road from a local who was trying to sell me a cassette player..
"no, I'm just recording the tune" 
"never mind"
"piss off then"
"only kidding"
"can you be quiet please?"
"yeah sure"
"are you on facebook?"
"see ya"
"yeah bye"

Film/edit: Allan Dransfield