#PAP The Preservation of Animal Privacy

Respect animal privacy #animalsarepeopletoo #ustoo

Of course, animals are quite relaxed on the matter. To protect one's privacy/identity, a conscious awareness of 'self' is required. Dolphins have being documented as recognising themselves in a mirror, yet don't seem too camera shy. Just look at flipper.

Many Native Americans have stated that they didn't want to be photographed based on the belief that the picture would steal their soul. Well, if we believe that a soul is made of light, it's quite plausible that a light capturing machine could cause problems. Alternatively, The Second Commandment concerning the making of "graven images," is often cited as the Amish dislike for portraiture.

Today in most peoples lives however, privacy boils down to your freedom and right not to be documented. Somewhat ironic given that in the name of 'nation security' it's generally accepted to have your every move, email, purchase and virtual conversation recored and stored on a government database.

As a photographer I often walk the line of what is acceptable. Expressing myself through capturing reality is what I do, the purity and honesty of a public scene, documentation of a collective society - which is is of course in conflict with many people's privacy standing.

Blacking out the eyes of these animals represents the indoctrination of suspicion - which has become a normal part of our lives, denying ourselves the most intimate and natural reflections of the world we live in - eyes are after all, windows to the soul. 

So here's to animals, uncomplicated, photogenic subjects!

Crab. Koh Jum. Thailand.
Elephant. Hlane. Swaziland.
Dog. Seoul. South Korea.
Centipede. Lubombo. Swaziland.
Cocks. Chiang Mai. Thailand.
Wolf. Ulan Bator. Mongolia.
Camel. Semi Gobi Desert. Mongolia.
Lizards. Koh Jum. Thailand.
Cricket/Ants. Ghandruk. Nepal.
Horses. Ladakh. India.
Cows. Mamallapuram. India.
Monkey. Krabi. Thailand.
Guinea foul. Cape Town. South Africa.
Goats. Dharamshala. India.
Monkeys. Vattakanal. India.
Lion. Mlawula. Swaziland.
Deer. Kyoto. Japan.
Pigeons. Ulan Bator. Mongolia. 
Pigeons. Osaka. Japan.
Snails. Pokhara. Nepal.
Fish. Łódź. Poland.
Giraffe. Hlane. Swaziland.
Cows. Lyon. France.
Dog. Manali. India.
Reindeer. Khövsgöl. Mongolia.
Springbok. Mlawula. Swaziland.