YES. That's right, I've tricked you into a secret back room so I can shake you down with no-one watching..
First, let me recite you a short poem I wrote about some snails and other stuff:

there once was a man from wales,
who sat on a bag full of snails,
old sue saved the best while the dog ate the rest,
and aunt betty looked after the rats.

So - without support, lifekollektiv will droop like a dehydrated poppy. I'm running a 'build the ship and they will come' kinda thing here and so if you like what I do, I would really appreciate some support. This could come in the form of good vibes, sharing lifekollektiv and it's content , or yep - $$$ !

So I have set up a shop

If you would like to fill your wall with a sweet picture, know that you are supporting lifekollektiv.
Soon there will be some sweet artworks too, working with images I have collected from around the globe.

But If you're walls are already happy, I invite you to cut out this formality of purchasing a product and just feed me cash directly. OK? In thanks, if you leave your address and donate enough to buy a bag of nuts I will send you a thank you POSTC'ART' (see what I did there?). Yes, an art work drawn by me sent per avion. Think of it as not only a personal thank you, but as a faithful investment, which will multiply who at least 1000-fold [once the prophecy [[that the Italian fortune teller in the bread shop told me]] comes true].


Sincerely, Allan.