You have just been on holiday with Mr & Mrs Machleb. Twice.

It is the story of a ‘normal couple ‘ on a ‘normal holiday’, yet this is somehow what makes it special. To her credit Mrs Machleb is an excellent photographer - she has an eye for composition and beautifully descriptive moments. When she was behind the camera we got to know her husband, seeing the world through her eyes, and vice versa. Yes, they seemed to have a good time, so much in fact that they returned the following year.

It is part of a larger collection of found photography works discovering forgotten or lost memories which were so valuable to somebody one upon a time, and recycling them into new works. Indeed, how could the Machlebs have ever imagined that these intimate moments they shared would be printed and viewed around Europe 30 years later? This was the topic of the original exhibition of this project; PRIVACY which took place in the Wedding district of Berlin May 28th 2018 for the Lifekollektiv launch party, 200metres from the flea market where the album was found and on the same weekend that the data protection act came into force.

Pineapple A La Mode is a celebration of the Machleb's holiday to Thailand 1986 (and ‘87), of analogue photography, and of rediscovery - both through the romance and friendships of vacation and as a found document being shared as a contemporary art project.

Curated by Allan Dransfield.