Digital printing is all well and fine but the king of print is OFFSET.

Whereas digital printing lays down all colours at once operates in RGB (red, blue, green) - including the images you are looking at on this monitor now - the traditional method of OFFSET PRINTING splits images into CYMK (cyan, yellow, magenta, black) and lays them on to the paper one at a time. Four huge rotating plates each caked in paint roll on the paper and layer the final image up.

My dad was a graphic designer/foto hobbyist and I grew up in a house with a studio/lightroom and lots apparel knocking around and I suppose that turned me into a bit of a graphic/print geek - so yes,  I was pretty excited to have my first offset run. Here is a little story about how & why I created the posters, and what I did with them;


The job of the poster is communicate important information, but first you have to GET PEOPLE'S ATTENTION. Berlin is poster central so making your material stand out is not an easy task but luckily I had the wisdom, charm and power of elephants on my side. To make the posters multi-use I would add additional info via an add-on sticker (which I thought also gave them a more 'customised' vibe). So yeah -  I chose one standout image from each project I was to exhibit then hit the printers..


The best part of this process was actually splashing these around the tonsils of Berlin.

Special thanks to Dudek, Heike, Daniel, Greg and Dawid for your support in those days.
May the elephant be with you all.