Welcome to Lifekollektiv - a trans-global, poly-phonic, techni-colour journal by British traveller, artist & gentleman Allan Dransfield. 

First thing's first - Allan hitchhiked, couch-surfed and dumpster-dove his way around most of the planet as testament of everybody’s potential to see the world. Documenting along the way - Allan’s objective was to step away from the pop-up text heavy and somewhat predictable content of travel websites to create a new kind of online experience - as close to a personal ‘wanderlust adventure’ as possible.

With a simple interface the site is designed to take you on a journey, inviting you to instinctively turn down the paths which might grab your interest then guide you into a multi-media cave of discovery (life is multi-sensory!).

The result is Lifekollektiv, a river of sounds, interviews, colours, cultures, stories, animations and artworks made by Allan and the creative souls who crossed his path - simulating the beautiful synchronicity of connections made possible by jumping into the world with both feet / time on your hands / and the essentials on your back.

With a twist of humour and crossing-over between societal observations and the arts, content aims to be universally accessible and stimulate consciousness for respecting one another and our planet - all material itself being recycled from what surrounds us every day.

The backbone of Lifekollektiv is a series photography and film projects each exploring different subjects yet sharing a common theme of CONNECTIONS around our planet, designed collectively to share understanding and give hope through a vision of solidarity.


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