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June 13th 2018
For last months LIfekollektiv Launch Exhibition I invited my good friend, architect/designer/lecturer Max Dankward to be involved in the show at Voodoo55, Wedding Berlin. On the weekend when the General Data Protection Regulation came in to action, we wanted to toy with the idea of privacy and ask the question 'how much are you willing to share? ..Your image? Your wall? Your skin? Your ass? Your Rolos? etc.
Max's idea was to create an interactive piece in the room which could take the user in and out of frame from our live link projection to Cairo Egypt where the launch was simultaneously taking place. As they watched our exhibition and performances in real time - they would watch somebody bounce into the frame and SEE them, then after they bounced out of frame - well, they 'SAW' them - (in somewhat improper English, but yeh we went with it..) thus we invented the name SEE / SAW, for a pivoting contraption which could balance two people sat on the end of long planks. They would be broadcast on this 'see/saw' at the hands of their counterpart, pirating their helpless virgin images as they balance in the air.


Based further on the concept of recycling - objects, sounds, observations, memories, ideas, images - WHATEVER we would only use reconditioned materials found in the backyard of the gallery to make this S E E / S A W beast.
With hammers and nails and 'kin great blocks of wood -  the see / saw grew - it grew big - and in the spirit of changing the plan at the last moment we shared Max's poetic reconditioned ramshackle joyride on the human canal outside the gallery, to interact with the urban public space for passers-by to enjoy, to meet, to balance, to trust and to rock together - to celebrate this equilibrium - this opposing force, which creates harmony.