I knew that during my journey many new ideas for for film and photo projects would form naturally, however TRANS-GLOBAL-EXPRESS was an film series that I was very clear on when stepping off the Hull-Rotterdam ferry, where my onward overland journey would commence all the way to Vladivostok. And back. The overland/sea element was essential in stringing together a tapestry of clips, in this case taking train journeys as the constant, as it was an opportunity to observe cultural changes step by step. How colours, faces, language, attitudes, even fashion and train designs, would represent the geographical locations I was passing through. Public transport is a meeting point, a hub of society where a diverse quota of people come together and have the opportunity to join a temporary community or remain in their own world. It is a topic I have explored further in upcoming projects.

lifekollektiv #25
Filmed, directed & edited by Allan Dransfield.
Editting support Sam Rogers.
Original Score by Leonid Tschernobelski.


Leo is a Ukrainian musician who I met during an exhibition opening in Berlin. I turned around to find him stood behind me and we had a very comfortable few moments of silence. 10 minutes later, Leo had one of his hand-made plucking instruments out and he was already experimenting with sounds to suit an early edit of this film which I was showing him on my mobile.
Leo and I discussed how to approach the score. Should it be a constant rhythm running through the whole series, or perhaps the style of music should transition though each doorway? They were avenues we planned on exploring.
Two days later I was around at Leo's place. He laid his array of bizzarre and worldly instruments on the table and we watched the film though once in silence, then without too much thought, we began.
The final musical composition is almost entirely the 'first-take'. It was Leo's most instinctual response to the film. With my recorder in one hand following the organic sound of his instruments, my other hand searched to guide Leo through the journey and highlight key events in the film which I knew by heart, for example Leo's response to the thai gentleman being guided by the monk at 3:30 is golden.

You can learn more about Leo and listen to some of his other works HERE!